Are you serving your business from the corner of your kitchen?

Let me help you make your home office nice and shiny, ready for your success.

You tried keeping your computer on the side table, but then it got lost under the kids´ homework. Five minutes before dinner, you panicked because your computer was used by your kids, who thought they could play a new game while you were cooking. And no, your work wasn´t saved.

You are trying hard to work on your biz and take care of your family, but you can´t mix these activities together anymore. You need your own space where you can easily focus. Space only for you; Even if it is just one square metre.

Let me design your space.

  • your own sacred space, where you can focus

  • a space which supports your wealth

  • an organized space which increases your success


In a very simple process, you will get it all. 

You will get an initial mood board, floor plan, shopping list and 3D sketch of your room. This will enable you to visualize everything together and see exactly how to put it together. You will receive a recommendation based on the principles of Feng Shui, so there will be nothing in your way to creating a successful business.

And we will do this all online, in your free time!

This process typically takes two weeks.


You will get:

  • Secret Pinterest Board Collaboration

  • Easy-to-read graphics floor plan with dimensions

  • Moodboard with advice on paint colours, fabrics, furniture, accessories, window dressings, and lighting

  • 3D sketch of your room

  • Interactive shopping list

  • Feng Shui recommendations for wealth and success


How it works

Payment is required to begin. This can be submitted via Paypal, but please message me if you have another preferred method of payment. After purchasing your design package, the process begins. First, you will receive an email asking you to provide a DESIGN BRIEF for your project


Providing this will help me better understand your goals, needs and preferences.


Within five business days, you will receive an invitation to a secret Pinterest board where we will collaborate on the project*. You will get an initial mood board with all the selections which work together best. From there you may ‘like’ all the pins on the board with your favourite pieces – feel free to write a comment if it isn’t just right and you don’t see an alternative option already on the board. I also include inspiration photos if we have a unique design element so you can envision the idea.

*I use Pinterest because it is easy for us to comment back and forth anywhere from any device. I will share a variety of ideas and products with you so you have options to select from.  You may order anything as we are designing.


Here, we will work together on your selected design. Your final design pack will include a list of furniture recommendations, advice on how to lay it all out, a 3D sketch of your room, a colour chart, and everything else you’ll need to create the office of your dreams.


If you have any questions during the installation phase, please feel free to reach out!

My goal is to create a special working space for you where you can focus and reach your dream. 


£260.00 GBP